About Me, Tony Lee (and yes that rhymes!)

// WHO 

Born in South Korea, Tony Lee is a son of a businessman who wanted to provide his children to dream bigger than he could. He was told from a young age that he wouldn't be just handed a family business and must earn everything.

Currently a podcaster and a Paid Social Lead for international performance marketing at Shopify, Tony has worked on clients such as 20th Century Fox, ABC Entertainment, Nintendo, Starz, sweetgreen, outdoor voices and more on its social media marketing and digital media strategy.

Long story short, he's worked in every vertical imaginable in his career — and now wants to give those learnings back to SMBs.

He hopes to make true on what his dad dreamt for him, which is to help more people and more business owners than even imaginable.

(Oh, and sheckii has been his nickname is high school. More to come on that later, most likely in a form of a blog post.)


Rather than create a separate web identity, this website will act as a portfolio and a blog.

The SMB Manifesto (#TSMBM) is his attempt to provide small business operators with great content, hoping to have a practical conversation about social media marketing rather than talk about algorithm hacks.

Rather than create multiple social media accounts, this website will be a home for all ideas coming from Tony.


With roots in South Korea and California, Tony has a base. However, as the world is progressing more to remote work, he is often traveling. You'll see him in Hong Kong and various cities in the United States. His latest location will always be on his Instagram and Twitter.


Though the welcome to sheckiiville podcast was created in 2020, Tony's dedication to content production, video marketing and creating marketing materials for SMBs didn't kick off until December 2021. 

The SMB Manifesto was also created in December 2021 with hopes to have a greater 2022 mission dedicated to small businesses. 

// WHY

During the pandemic, Tony struggled with why he is employed and other people were fired.

All he knew, he thought, was that he could buy social media ads really well. 

He couldn't get away from the feeling he didn't deserve his success, and thought he should put his two-decade-plus knowledge to better use.

From working for the industry leader in powering merchants, to creating a podcast dedicated to small businesses, to creating a newsletter, to writing blogs on mirror.xyz, Tony wants to show SMBs that they, too, can use digital marketing to achieve their dreams.

// (And Sometimes HOW)

Tony always loved content creation. He got into social media completely by accident because he just wanted to be a sports columnist.

Content creation is in his blood. It might be YouTube videos, or paid ads, or some type of content marketing — but the how will always be framed to how SMBs and other businesses like startups can both find value from it and be able to execute it.